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Calcite Hole

Between the road on Blind Stream and the pass on the way to Grandaddy Lake there is a hole on the plateau. It is an actual hole that is surrounded by brown and white calcites forming a striated pattern. It drops down about 20 feet to a ledge you can see by shining a light down in the hole. The blackness continued beyond the ledge.

The hole I am talking about is Northwest of the road as you reach the top of Blind Stream coming from the Rock Creek side. Going Northwest, you go until you come to the ledge area at the South Fork of Rock Creek. The hole is on the edge of the ridge looking into the South Fork. There is an extension sticking out into the canyon. But it is not out on the extension it is on the edges of the rim. It is sort of a funnel shaped hole. About 3 to 4 feet wide at the top, narrowing down to around 2 feet or so. This is where you can shine a flashlight down and see the protruding ledge somewhere between 15 and 20 feet down. But the hole continues down from there and like I said it is very black. An old 2 cell flash light was not much help back in the 60's. Also remember that the hole is surrounded by striated calcite, very smooth with brownish colors mixed in with white. There is a small piece chipped off about 5 or 6 inches around. --June Balaich from Ancient Lost Treasures Forum

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