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Dry Gulch Cabin

40.60765, -110.22701

There are numerous old mines and prospects in the vicinity of the red ledges. Southeast of the ledges, in Jefferson Draw, is an old cabin built with the back wall against the ledges, covering an open tunnel, but this mine is on Indian land and is not open to investigation.--The Gold of Carrie Shinob, pg. 140

Over in Jefferson Draw, east and a little south of the red ledges, there was found a very old log cabin, nestled against a large protruding limestone ledge, which surrounded and concealed the entrance of an old mine tunnel. The mine entrance was actually in the face of the ledge and the cabin, consisting of three walls instead of four, had been erected at the face of the tunnel, the ledge itself forming the back wall of the cabin. This discovery, which happens to be upon Indian land, was made by my young Indian friend while chasing wild horses into the area from Johnny Starr Flat. The boy's father also assured me that the old cabin and the mine did exist and that it was on the northern slope of Jefferson Draw, but none of them had investigated the old tunnel to determine what kind of mine it may have been. (See Map #051.)--Lost Gold of the Uintah, pg. 126

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