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The Treasures of Utah

and the Mysteries of the West

Dan Lowe


It was never my intent to write a Treasure Book, and I think you will find this is not a treasure book filled with stories regurgitated from other books or sources. This is not a book in which you will find several maps at the end giving possible false hopes of finding the hidden treasures of the past. Do they exist? I believe so however there are many treasure books full of nonsense and as a result of watching my friends fall for some of the false stories and crazy ideas, I decided to write this book in an effort to share my experiences with them hopefully teaching them to always think outside the box, what to look for, what is real and what isn’t. My objective is to keep them in a sane world where in the experiences they are about to venture into are those which will be long remembered and cherished, and not those which would be full of regret.


I hope that this book has serves its purpose, it is not my intent to instill false hopes into anyone, and today in these economic times it is actually quite easy to do, people in general are so ready to believe anything that will possibly ease their circumstances. Don’t take this lightly, don’t just jump into it, this book is not a book promising treasures! at least not that of Gold and Silver, but I can promise a treasure of experiences that will be long remembered IF you do it for the right reasons.


Get up off of that couch and out away from that boob tube! Take the family! Take the kids but watch them! Take Grandma and Grandpa! But be responsible. There is nothing more worth while than learning the true history that surrounds the places you live or the place you may have visited, the true history of this continent is a history that boggles the mind. There are many things in this book that may seem presumptuous or conjecture, however it wasn’t my intent to prove anything to anyone, it was only my intent to share my findings and experiences. There is much information not included in this book that can easily prove some of the seemingly presumptuous statements. What I have put in this book aside from certain edits to preserve some details, I believe is truth. But remember, it is my truth, my belief and my story. Go out and create your own adventure, prove me or disprove it makes no difference. Although it has been many years, my adventure is still just beginning. All that matters to me is that I was able to share a relatively small part of my experiences and hopefully I can share more in the future in one way or another.


I do not claim to be a professional anything, I am no different from you, I have problems and weaknesses yet I prefer you focus on the message of the book, not my weaknesses. My hope is that you discover your own treasures as I have, and find them by seeking The Treasures of Utah and the Mysteries of the West.

The Treasures of Utah - signed by the Author

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