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This website is dedicated to all the treasure hunters who search the High Uinta Mountains in eastern Utah and surrounding lowlands for the treasures of the Ancients, Spanish, Mexican, Indian, and Lost Rhoades Mines who visited this area before we came along and who left behind stories of untold wealth buried within this great mountain range.

There are many stories surrounding these groups of people that indicate they all once took gold from these mountains. There have been many artifacts found indicating the presence of these prior miners, and many symbols and signs have been found also


throughout the Uinta Mountains that purportedly direct the astute observer to the mines themselves. There have been smelters and mines found over the years. There has even been some gold and silver recovered from what the original miners left behind.

Several books have been written by knowledgeable treasure hunters who have been searching for these lost treasures for many years. They have imparted a portion of their knowledge to the next generation of treasure hunters through these books. For many of us, this is our only source of information--the only resource we have to gain insight into the areas we might look to find our own lost treasures.

I have read and reread all the books about treasure in the Uinta Mountains that I can get my hands on. A lot of the stories are the same in all the books having seemingly been borrowed from a previous book. However, oftentimes each author adds his take on the story with additional information that he has gleaned over the years. I hope that by pooling all the stories from the various books together on this website the reader will gain more understanding and knowledge about the locations written about than they would by reading each individual book separately. You can purchase most of these books 
here on this site.

Also, I will share with you any information about treasures in the Uintas that I have gained through my personal experience and any information that others have shared with me openly. I include GPS coordinates of places I have found. Unfortunately, I cannot share anything with you that has been told to me in confidence.


There is a lot of knowledge out there in many individual treasure hunters’ heads that they are hopefully passing on to others before it becomes lost and the knowledge is gone forever. I intend that this website will become a repository of information about lost treasure in the Uintah Mountains that will allow this knowledge to live on. Also, maybe by putting our heads together and sharing ideas and knowledge someday someone may find “The Mother Lode”.


I  am starting by adding the limited amount of information I have gleaned from the books, my personal experiences, and any non-confidential knowledge that has been shared with me to the website. If you have anything you’d like to share and pass along send me an email at

Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy reading about your favorite areas by clicking on them from the menu at the top. Thanks for visiting this web site and happy treasure hunting.

PS: If you visit any of these locations, PLEASE be respectful and don’t disturb the area. Many of these sites have already been ravaged by careless individuals who apparently have little concern for their historic value. Treat them with respect so others may enjoy finding and exploring them also.

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