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We are Greg and Yvonne Gardner and we are excited to take over from the Woods at Mountain Home Lodge and hope to be as good at it as they were. We are life-long Uinta Basin-ites and are currently in the process of moving in to the lodge (what a chore that is turning out to be with the accumulation of stuff that we have managed to gather!). We love being near the mountains and hope to get to know you all as time goes on.

We are just getting to know the place and have a few things that we would like to do with the Lodge already, but would like to get your input. Some of our ideas are: continue to upgrade the amenities in each room (what would you like to see done?), offer a hot continental style free breakfast with each room rental, bring back the store or at least a smaller version with the basics at least, offer wedding receptions (we have the decorations), fix the conference room back up and offer business conferences, snowmobile and ATV rentals, guided back-backing and horse-packing trips, a restaurant, etc. Help us out by letting us know what are some things you would like to change, add, delete, etc. at the Lodge going forward.

We also, own and operate Moon Lake Resort, I know, we're a little crazy, but we thought the Mountain Home Lodge and Moon Lake Resort would go together pretty well and we hope to gain some synergies from running to two places together. For instance: wedding at Moon Lake and reception at Mountain Home, or for those who want to spend time at Moon Lake, but would rather skip the rustic cabin treatment, stay at Mountain Home and do a day-trip Moon landing.

Anyway, let us know your thoughts and hope to see you soon!

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