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Out of the Dust

Utah's Lost Mines and Hidden Treasures

Stephen B. Shafffer


Written for the adventurer in all of us, Out of the Dust: Utah's Lost Mines and Treasures is a unique guide that surpasses all other books of its kind.


Author Steve Shaffer brings to light stories of lost gold and silver mines carved out of the earth by Spaniards and Mexicans. Other stories tell of modern miners and their quest for hidden wealth in the hundreds of mountains and valleys of the West. While some treasure seekers have been rewarded with fabulous wealth, others have known only grief and disappointment.


Explore the vast Uinta Mountains and their rich mining heritage. Learn of long-lost mines that few treasure hunters have even heard of. Discover the secret of the Lost Rhoades Mine and the real story of the Lost Josephine Mine. Find out where to look for treasure and buried mines in Utah's desert country.


Utah's Lost Mines and Treasures features many photos and sketches published here for the first time and reveals long-forgotten cryptic and decoded treasure signs. This book, a treasure trove itself, is an essential asset for every adventurer and treasure hunter.

Out of the Dust

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