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Some Dreams Die

Utah's Ghost Towns and Lost Treasures

George A. Thompson


Some Dreams die is the most comprehensive guide to Utah's ghost towns ever assembled. In the course of his research the author visited the sites of over four hundred deserted communities, and probed their unique histories. Some lay within sight of present-day cities, others are chance-encountered clumps of cottonwood beneath whose boughs the plans and dreans of now forgotten people are remembered in weathered clapboard barns, corrals, and homes. Each is carefully described and lcoated, makeing it simple for the reader to retrace the author's steps and visit these monuments to perseverance, gumption, faith, greed, and foolishness. 120 photographs and 12 detailed regional maps make it the most useful book of its kind.


George Thompson's classic work on Utah ghost towns and lost treasure. Over 400 Utah ghost towns are covered and hundreds more lost treasure tales are told. Illustrated with 120 historical photographs and a dozen maps. Each chapter is arranged geographically for each section of the state and includes a general locater map.

Some Dreams Die

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