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Treasures of the Ancients

Stephen B. Shaffer

Recent Discoveries of Ancient Writings in North America


Tremendous information as well as many artifacts and ancient writings have been brought to light during the past one-hundred years to prove that the Americas were once populated earlier than ever believed. But who were these people? Why did they suddenly disappear? More importantly, did they leave any records to tell of their existence and civilization?

What about the strange writings of Manti, Fillmore, Cedar City, Pariette Draw, Nephi, and Lake Powell, all in Utah? What about the Aztec copper bowl of Currant Creek, the Gold plate of the Wasatch front, the Lead plates of the Myton Bench, the Manti tablets, the Kinderhook plates and the Soper/Savage collection in the LDS Church Archives?

Best-selling author Stephen Shaffer explores these mysteries and remnants of a forgotten people.

Treasures of the Ancients

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