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Big Dog Lake Mine

40.58270, -110.59103

[Talking about the Guanda de Meyo map...] The lake shown just west of the southern tip of Kidney Lake is Dog Lake. A mine is shown on the map to be near that lake. I cannot give you his name, even though he is now dead, but a good Indian friend of mine once told me, "There's a very good mine by Dog Lake. It's just out a little way in the meadow, near the base of that large slide which has come down the mountain. I was told that it's a rich one, but it's been covered or caved in and needs cleaned out." (See Map # 121.)--Lost Gold of the Uintah, pg. 117

I believe I found this mine in about 2004. It is about right where the description says it is, only what I found isn’t part way out in the meadow; it is up in the sliderock a little ways. As you can see in the photograph below, it is pretty well caved in or covered intentionally.

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