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Crow Creek Mystery

40.57974, -109.82300

This location is a mystery to me. I found it many years ago while bow hunting. I wasn’t into treasure hunting back then, but I knew the Spanish and Mexican had been to these mountains and mined gold and silver in the past. When I saw it, I had the impression that something used to be there. Whether it was an old mine or a cave or a structure of some sort I couldn’t tell. It looks like whatever it was it has been blown all to pieces with dynamite. The rocks there are are fractured and jumbled up in a depression there on the top of that knoll. I’m no geologist, but there are veins of some kind of white stuff running all through the red clay there.

Some people say it is a sacred mine or that it may have been a natural cave where the Indians stored gold they took from other areas and when it was about to become white-man-land they either took the gold elsewhere and blew up the tunnel or blew the gold up inside it.

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