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Farm Creek Cemented-up Mine

There are seven smelters in and around the creek as it comes out of the canyon. Some of the smelters are very hard to locate but can be found by searching. One large smelter is on the east side of the mouth of the canyon and can be seen rather easily. Back in the 1970's the Forest Service cemented up an entrance to an old mine at the mouth of the canyon on the west side. If you go to the fence line via the road on the west side you can find the spot by following the fence west up the fence to a trail. Follow that trail north about 100 yards and to the right is where they buried that mine. A good mine or depository is suppose to be in the canyon. I was told that there was a stack of silver bars in the mouth of a cave at the back of the canyon. I was told that up above, near Davis Park was a "Bear On it's back" and under some rocks near by were old Spanish symbols telling how to find the mine. I found the bear, found the symbols but I have never found the mine. Maybe you readers can find it. If you do, give me a silver bar is all I ask. --Steve Shaffer, from an Internet forum

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