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Crow Creek Mine

40.57256, -109.81498

This is a mine I found in 2004 while hiking up the creek one day. I don’t know any history on this mine or anything about it, so if any of you out there want to write the story about this mine please do. Email me at and I’ll put your story here.

A photograph of this mine is included in Gale Rhoades book, “Lost Gold of the Uintah” in the photo section in the middle of the book. He doesn’t have any narrative about it that I can find, however. His photo and ones that I took are included below.

The mine is rather shallow, only going back in about 10 or so feet. There is a colorful vein of stuff at the back that must have been what they were mining. It has closed off a little from the time Gale took his photo to the time I found it. So in a few more years it may be covered and lost like many of the other old mines. You’d better get up there and see it before that happens.

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