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Bull Elk Creek/Frog Lakes

West of Pole Creek Sinks is the area of Bull Elk Creek and Frog Lake. Gale Rhoades drew a map of this area and had this to say about it:

One other gold deposit in the Pole Creek area, that was shown upon the old Rhoades map, was that of a "placer - gold" deposit on what appeared to be Bull Elk Creek, about a mile and one-half south and a little west of Goose Egg Peak. (See Map #056.) Several old ditches have been located in this area which may have been associated with some type of placer operation long ago, and in the area of Frog Lake and the Pot Holes several gold nuggets have been found.

Perhaps the most interesting clues concerning this gold deposit were told to me by my young Indian friend, who was told of the deposit by his grandfather (the one who killed Mr. Babcock). According to my young friend; "My granddad used to talk about gold nuggets as large as a man's thumb which he said were up in Pole Creek. He never did show me the location --just said they were in a creek where the stream came down, over and around a lot of large rocks or boulders, above the switchbacks of the road. He would just say to me, "You look, you'll find them. I looked but all I found was an old tunnel out on the Uinta Point."--Lost Gold of the Uintah, pg. 136

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