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Farm Creek Smelters

40.56379, -109.95920, 40.56464, -109.96169, 40.56329, -109.95969, 40.56305, -109.96021, 40.56155, -109.95942

There are seven smelters in and around the creek as it comes out of the canyon. Some of the smelters are very hard to locate but can be found by searching. One large smelter is on the east side of the mouth of the canyon and can be seen rather easily.--Steve Shaffer, from an Internet forum

I have been able to find three of the seven. They have all been torn apart by careless individuals looking for gold, silver and artifacts, so there is not much left to see. I found a few little pieces of slag and other metal things at one of the smelters. The most interesting is a long metal rod that looks like one of the dipping needles shown on page 60 of George Thompson’s book Faded Footprints. I know of a guy who found a piece of slag there that contained a good amount of gold.

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