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Stockmore Mine

Before turning north into the high country, the Duchesne River flows past the tiny hamlets of Stockmore, Hanna and Tabiona; the latter named for Chief Tabby of the Utes. Late in the summer of 1993, a crew of men were hired to build a fence around some ground an out-of-state businessman had purchased. While cutting a path through some cedar trees, the small tractor they were using broke through into a mine tunnel which no one had suspected was there. The land owner was summoned and after he crawled a short way into its depths, he ordered a heavy door set in concrete placed over that portal. It seems odd, for if he wanted to cover it to keep someone from going back into it, why wasn't a concrete slab poured over the opening. Installing a heavy locked door over the opening seems to suggest that he intends to go back into that mine tun­nel again sometime. What other purpose would a door serve? If you watch closely you can see that door from the highway, at the edge of the foothills between Hanna and Stockmore. Like I said, it's strange!--Faded Footprints, pg. 76

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