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Dick Hollow Cannon

There may be more than just one old mine in Dick Hollow. Wayne Nelson and Earl Garrison were among the first prospectors to search the Rock Creek area, and they recalled seeing a large Spanish cannon in what they called "Deep Canyon," a north-south lying gulch located near the head of Dick Hollow. Both agreed that it was larger than most cannons which have been reported or recovered in the Rock Creek area, having a bore of about three inches. If it ever had wheels or a carriage, no sign of them remained when Nelson and Garrison saw it. One time when they were approaching the upper part of Dick Hollow, they were stopped by an Indian Ranger who demanded to know what they were doing there. Garrison, who had married a Ute woman and therefore had trespass privileges, knew that ranger well and countered by asking what he was doing there. Since it appeared to be what Garrison called "a Mexican stand-off," that ranger, who knew Garrison wasn't the kind of man he wanted to have trouble with, walked away and left them to their exploring. They looked that cannon over carefully, but decided the only way it could be moved would be with a helicopter. Garrison later told the author that some think the old mine in Dick Hollow is the Brigham Young Mine, but it isn't. Still, Garrison said that one of his Indian relatives told him, "Plenty gold there!"--Faded Footprints, pg. 91

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