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Castlerock Claims

In a second letter to the President and Board of Directors of his Sylvanite Mining Company, dated a few weeks later, Hathenbruck described several placer claims which he had located for the company. In his letter, he called the claims "Castle Rock" and described them as being situated "4 miles east of the North Fork of the Duchesne River, l mile west of Rock Creek summit, west of Castle Rocks, on the south slope of Hades Canyon, near two springs."

County records show the following claims recorded by F.W.C. Hathenbruck: "Castle Rock Mine #1 and 2;' July 9, 1906 "#1 - on south side of Hades Canyon and west of what is known as Castle Rock on North Fork of Duchesne River." And "#2 - easterly of Castle Rock #1." The locators were; M.P. Trotter, E.E. Horn and F.W.C. Hathenbruck ...."Little Gulch," July 14, 1906. Located "3 miles north of Stockmore on east side of the North Fork of the Duchesne River, in a box canyon running in a easterly direction." Locators; M.P. Trotter, E.E. Horn and F.W.C. Hathenbruck...."Surprise #1 thru 4," July 17,1906. Located "in Dry Spring Canyon, on the west side, about 5 miles easterly from Stockmore." Locators: John Christenson, Mamie C. Singleton and F. W.C. Hathenbruck...."Bertram Gold Placer Claim," August 1,1906. Located "1/2 mile easterly of Gran Dad (Granddaddy) Lake, on Little Creek and Little Creek Spring, on Rock Creek Slope." (This was by Lodgepole Lake. They also filed on September 22,1906 an extension annex following the contour of the high plateau in the same area. The locators were; M.P. Trotter and F.W.C. Hathenbruck.--Lost Gold of the Uintah, pg. 109

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