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Iron Door Mine

Near the head of Crow Creek, below Mosby Mountain, there are two wind-worn caves overlooking the valley below. On a high ridge just above those caves and leading northward towards Chen-Ob Spring, there is a long row of ancient looking stone monuments, each one progressively larger in size; the largest being on the end of that ridge above those two caverns. Those monuments have been there as long as the oldest Indian can remember, but their meaning has been lost in time. The Spaniards called those stone monuments "amojonar," distance landmarks or treasure markers.

Only about a mile further up-country from those stone monuments there is something even stranger, a mine with an iron door!

There is no doubt that mine is very old, for there are large aspen trees growing on its waste dump. That dump is difficult to find unless one knows just where to look, for it is in a place which makes it look like a natural ridge. The portal of a tunnel against the mountain side is covered with a heavy iron plate. It would seem to be a simple thing to dig away the rock and brush which covers most of that iron door, but it isn't that easy. It would be difficult to get heavy equipment to that tunnel portal, and to dig it out by hand would not only be a difficult task, but a dangerous one as well. Several people have started to dig that rock away, but every time they get close to that iron door, someone unseen fires a rifle shot at them! That first shot always misses by a few inches and seems to be only a warning shot, but no one is real sure about that, for none have stayed around long enough to see where a second shot might hit! It all depends upon how badly you want to know what is behind that iron door.--Faded Footprints, pg. 150

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